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About Alan

While most of my career was spent serving the Canadian Forces, I found a deep sense of purpose in assisting others through mental health. This led me to become a Psychotherapist. I believe in having self-awareness, a support system, and consistent effort. One can gain the skills to overcome any obstacle life presents them.

I understand it takes courage to seek help and be vulnerable with others. As your therapist, I will provide a safe and supportive space for you to process your thoughts and feelings. A place for growth and discovering your authentic self through empathy and compassion. If you are experiencing challenges with work/school, personal health, relationships, or finding a goal. You don't need to be alone; let us be your alli.

Alli Therapy

Breaking barriers to exceptional therapy for a happier, healthier world.

What does Alli mean?

[ noun ] al-li | a-lī

A person or entity who supports and empowers others.

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