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About Katalin

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or isolated by increasing demands? I am here to support you.

Congratulations on your courage in reaching out, aiming to fulfilling your aspirations, and accomplishing your goals. In a welcoming, inclusive, and empathetic space, you can freely discuss your future hopes and plans with me; I will respect your identities and beliefs. Depending on your unique circumstances and needs, we will jointly discover your natural strengths, learn what drives you, and acquire effective coping mechanisms to overcome possible barriers.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to help you achieve your goals and live the life you have always imagined.

Katalin Raboczky Halasz

Katalin Raboczky Halasz

Alli Therapy

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What does Alli mean?

[ noun ] al-li | a-lī

A person or entity who supports and empowers others.

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